Local Shipping Management

Local Shipping Management

GOTTS Integrated Service with the network of partners can arrange shipments from ex-factory on a worldwide basis.

The services rendered include negotiating the best freight rates available, ensuring that pre-shipment inspection of the cargo takes place, positioning of containers at the factory, collection of cargo, delivery of goods to the respective port, Export Clearance, arranging an Export Survey, Port Handling and the timely dispatch via courier of a full set of documentation.

Dependent upon the volume of containers that are shipped we are able to negotiate an extension to the number of free days demurrage granted by the various Shipping Lines – this can lead to considerable savings locally.
In Nigeria, we offer a full management service, which includes – the opening of the Form M, processing of Soncap and Paar liaising with Government Organizations such as NAFDAC and

SON to arrange import Permits, the appointment of Cargo Surveyors, liaising with the Pre-shipment Inspection Agencies, Shipping Lines, Nigerian Port Authority, Surveyors and Banks to ensure the swift issuance of the PAAR, Customs Clearance, and delivery. Cargo status reports are issued as per the individual clients request and tailor-made to suit their specific requirements.

Looking for a Local Shipping Services for both Inbound/Outbound Cargoes?